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Our UK-leading costs law specialists have the confidence, experience and resources necessary to deliver to your targets when you need us most.

 Our Cost Budgeting and Management Services

Whether you require an electronic Precedent S bill, a traditional paper bill, a Supreme Court Form 5 or any other bill of costs, our costs experts can draft the necessary document.

We can assist with all aspects of costs management, from drafting Precedent H, to Precedent R, to applying to revise costs budgets where they have been significant developments.

Our experienced Advocates have conducted Detailed Assessment hearings in Courts up to the Supreme Court. We appear regularly at Detailed Assessment and other costs-focused hearings.

There has been a recent explosion in the sheer number of challenges to Solicitors' bills by their clients under the Solicitors Act 1974. We can provide advice and representation at all stages of the assessment process.

We are also able to review your whole costs and retainer processes and to provide you with documentation and processes to avoid these challenges.

We can advise on all methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution and provide representation at mediations or Joint Settlement Meetings. We have qualified mediators who are able to give a unique insight into the mediation experience.

We offer all clients FREE training in any area of costs law and practice and business development. Whether you are looking for an update on recent developments in costs law, tips on improving cash flow or a technical session on protecting yourself from Solicitors Act claims, our experienced trainers can assist you are your team. Training sessions can be done remotely via video conference or face to face at a time that suits your firm.

Accurate and objective witness evidence is vital in personal injury litigation whether you are the Claimant or the Defendant. With our team of agents, many that have worked within the legal and insurance industry, we have tailored the service to ensure that your case will be in the strongest position possible; whether you require a simple liability statement or an in depth quantum statement on a high value case. 

Locus reports. We will attend the scene of the accident, with your Client or Insured if necessary, to prepare a detailed sketch, a detailed pack of photographs showing the views of all parties and a full report to explain the locus in detail. The full report will be suitable for disclosure and use at Trial. We operate strict service levels to ensure that draft statements are emailed to you without delay, but we are flexible enough to act if you are working to tight deadlines imposed by the Court. Given the recent changes limiting legal costs we can tailor the service and costs on a case by case basis or if appropriate on a No Win No Fee basis.

Our experienced team of Costs Lawyers, Solicitors and Law Costs Draftsmen can provide any legal costs service. From valuing your WIP in advance of the disposal of a firm of Solicitors, to assisting with litigation funding, to advising on tricky costs issues; We have dealt with it all.

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Recent Feedback

"We have been using Total Legal Solutions for a number of years, to assist with the preparation of cost budgets, to attend cost management hearings, preparing bills and negotiating of our costs.

We have always found them to be efficient, knowledgable and professional in their conduct, ensuring that budgets and bills are prepared quickly and correctly and ultimately that our costs are recovered. The support they offer and quick response to any cost queries we have is invaluable.

I would have no hesitation in recommending them"

Ralph Clark - Partner 

Accident Solicitors Ltd

"We have worked with Total Legal Solutions for many years now and they have invariably achieved great results. 

I have no hesitation in recommending them"

Rod McKend - Partner

True Personal Injury Solicitors

"I have worked with TLS as counsel instructed in a number of complex and high profile cost cases.

Success in these cases often depends on thorough preparation and attention to detail and TLS always tick these boxes."

Andrew Granville Stafford - Barrister

4 Kings Bench Walk

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  Comprehensive and sector-specific cost management & budgeting solutions 

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