Brian Colbeck

Costs Manager

Brian began his journey in the costs profession over 30 years ago, in the days of mainly legal aid funding and Scale costs in the county court.

Surviving both Reforms, and both Cost Wars, Brian has come to realise, and promote, that costs is not that thing that lawyers won’t speak about in public, but is rather at the heart of everything that occurs in litigation, and that knowledge of costs allows you to integrate into every aspect of the legal profession. He has gathered his experience in a wide variety of settings, having worked for both Receiving and Paying Parties, In-house and with external cost firms, and also for a large proportion of his career on his own account and as Consultant to various firms and organisations. This experience comes from billing, negotiations, advocacy and cost management, to include dealing fully with the Directions aspect of case management. He remains proud of the fact he is not associated with any reported Case Law, as he feels this shows he got it right at first time of asking.He is a strong supporter of education of people coming into or new to the profession and does not shirk providing an understandable reason to any query. 

Away from the profession, Brian actually enjoys researching about the law and keeping up to date with cases and case law, but when able to tear himself away, enjoys spending time outdoors, seeing his children and watching sport, particularly rugby and football.

Key Skills


  • Case Management Hearings
  • Costs and Case Management Hearings
  • Applications
  • Detailed Assessment Hearings
  • Appeals
  • Solicitors Act claims
  • CPR 45 fixed recoverable costs
  • Disbursement disputes
  • Exceptional Circumstances cases
  • All Civil and Commercial Costs Disputes


  • Post-trial Consequential Hearings Negotiations
  • Cost Budget negotiations and variations (Precedent R and Precedent T)