Stewart Carroll 

Costs Lawyer 

After completing a degree in history, and after a brief sojourn in the military and retail, Stewart started his thirty years’ plus in costs first at the precursor to the Legal Aid Agency, before moving on to various solicitors and cost firms, claimant, and defendant, before arriving at TLS. In this time, Stewart developed his skills in negotiations and progressed to preparing points of dispute and the other side of the coin, replies. Venturing further into advocacy, Stewart has dealt with numerous detailed assessments, applications, costs and case management hearings and the occasional infant approval hearing, as well as budget negotiations. Stewart is always willing to provide advice to clients or colleagues alike and places great emphasis on the team ethos.

When not dealing with the oft neglected and unknown world of legal costs, Stewart focusses on planning his next family holiday with a particular favourite being the USA. With a continued interest in history, the idea of sitting round a pool is not his thing and he likes to see all the cultural aspects, however, he is a big sucker for Disney and has been to both Orlando and LA, as well as the short hop to Paris, on countless occasions. Stewart also has a keen interest in sci-fi and fantasy and is not a stranger to attending conventions as far afield as America, suitable dressed up as the characters. Stewart is blessed to have a wife and daughter who are equally game. As for sport, it’s very much watching not participating. Having been spoilt in the 70’s and 80’s, it comes as an honour to continue to follow Liverpool in their resurgence.

Key Skills

Costs Management

  • Bills of costs (Inter Partes Bills, Solicitor/Client Bills, Phased Bills, Precedent S)
  • Costs budgets (Precedent H)
  • Points of dispute (Precedent G)
  • Replies to points of dispute
  • Court of Protection Bills


  • Cost Budget negotiations and variations (Precedent R and Precedent T)