Michael Yassin

Mike is a Costs Lawyer at Total Legal Solutions (Northern) Limited.

Mike handles a full range of costs matters for both receiving party’s and paying party’s. He has an excellent track record working for both sides of the fence which provides him with an invaluable insight of how the other side are likely to run a case, particularly on the more contentious issues in costs litigation.

Pragmatic and resourceful, his focus is always on the client. Whether it is in the office or in Court Mike prides himself on ensuring client’s get a solid and sound service that meets their needs and objectives.

Throughout his career he has handled a vast range of different costs claims and achieved settlements ranging from a few thousand pounds to six-figure sums. No matter how complex or technical, it is likely that Mike has dealt with something similar before and can advise you on the best course of action.

He adopts a tenacious yet diplomatic approach to costs law and practice which has resulted in considerable successes for clients.