Adam Oldale

Adam is the Negotiations Manager at Total Legal Solutions.

He was previously a Director and the Eastern Regional Manager of a large Solicitors Costs Practice and has over 20 years experience of costs and civil litigation.

Adam began his career as a Personal Injury fee-earner rising through the ranks of Irwin Mitchell for ten years resulting in him dealing with high end multi-track personal injury cases up to the value of £1 million. Adam has the skill set necessary to understand what must be done to progress a complex personal injury claim to conclusion and understands what our clients want from their service providers.

Tenacious and undeterred by aggressive opponents Adam frequently provides advice to clients on process improvements to allow them to not only maximise their costs recovery but also to make their claims process more efficient which allows claims to be resolved more quickly.

As the negotiations manager of Total Legal Solutions he oversees the day to day running of all the firms costs negotiations.